In this guide to flexible classroom furniture, we will look at the benefits this type of innovative furniture provides to school students and teachers. Along with this we will explore the most popular range of adaptive furniture, including chairs, desks, tables, wobble stools and other products that are available on the market.

So read on and let me introduce you to the exciting world of flexible and adaptive furniture for schools!

I have used this type of furniture in my classroom with great success ever since being introduced to it over five years ago and have never looked back! It is awesome, so let me explain why!

What is flexible furniture?

Flexible and adaptive furniture is school furniture that gives students more choice over their physical learning environment.

It provides a range of seating options for learners of all shapes and sizes and includes items such as floor chairs, low tables, standing desks, couches, cushions, mats, flexi desks, wriggle stools and other types of specific seating options such as Fitballs, and bean bags.

It is furniture that can be used in small spaces, is easily transportable, comes in fantastic colours, shapes and sizes. It is classroom furniture that caters for all students both in terms of their physical size and learning styles.

The Benefits of Flexible and Adaptive Furniture for Classrooms

A range of flexible furniture products, including desks, chairs, tables, stool and other seating options, enhances the learning spaces and learning experience of people in the class.

There are a number of benefits for teachers, students and in particular those individuals with specific learning needs.

A learning environment that is engaging

When a learning space is full of vibrant colour and innovative products that offer choice for each individual, then students are more likely to be motivated to learn and take pride and care in their schoolwork.

The traditional old brown, wooden desks all in a row, along with a standard, boring-looking chair for every single seat just does not cut the mustard anymore.

If the physical workspace oozes uniformity and boredom, then how on earth do we try and instil positive attitudes towards learning into our kids.

As teachers it is not just what we teach, but the environment we teach in that matters – the flow on effects are huge!

The physical space creates the environment and attitude that spreads throughout the whole classroom.

Classroom furniture that offers flexibility and caters for all learners

The beauty of adaptive furniture is that it offers choice for individuals in terms of their own physical size and also their own specific learning styles.

Many old school classrooms have a uniform size for every single desk and chair.

Some shorter student’s legs would dangle and swing around off the floor, whilst others would have their knees up around their chest.

No attention was given to the individual sizes of each student or consideration for their comfort.

Certainly, no thought was given to asking a student which type of seating item they preferred or felt most comfortable in!

Classroom furniture that caters for all students

With flexible seating all members of the class are catered for.

They have choice and can select which items give them the most comfort to be able to sit, focus for extended periods and maximise their learning.

Flexible furniture also caters for many students with learning difficulties and those who simply find it difficult to sit still.

There are many seating options such as a Wobble Stool or “Work N Wriggle Stool”, Vluv Chair or Fitballs that allow “appropriate” movement whilst sitting.

These are great at assisting kids with adhd or autism to maintain focus and still satisfy that urge to move.

They are also super-easy for everyone to transport to different learning locations.

For kids with sensory issues, sensory bean bags or large tactile cushions can be fantastic seating options.

They allow users to gain sensory input from the surfaces which can help to promote calm, reduce stress and keep kids on track.

There are also LED Sensory Cube Seats that allow users to change the colours for a real sensory experience.

Kids can simply push a button on the remote and create the seat colour to match their mood or learning space.

Furniture that utilises space and storage

The key to flexible furniture in schools is that it is light, easily transportable and can fit into any space.

This is particularly important not only to teachers who frequently set up new learning stations in different areas of the classroom, but also for individual students who may like to move their seat away from the rest of the group for some quiet time.

An Anywhere Chair or Flexi desk will allow students to quickly pick up their whole learning space and move it to either a quiet space or a new group activity.

They are super-easy to fold up and stack on top of each other for easy storage.

The best pieces of adaptive furniture are those that offer easy storage and transport. Scoop rockers win the gold medal in this category.

They provide an awesome, cosy and small floor chair option that is quickly picked up and moved to any location.

They can be stacked on top of one another to make a pile in any corner of the room and are easily set up and moved by kids.

They really do make brilliant additions to reading corners and other small learning spaces.

In a classroom, optimal use of space is everything!

Range of chairs, desks and tables that offer comfort

The exciting thing about flexible furniture is that it not only offers choice but also comfort and style.

Flexible desks, stool, chairs and tables are available that can sustain the rigours of everyday use from 30 rough and tumble youngsters in a classroom!

Manufacturers have come to the party and now teachers and schools can buy items with confidence that products have been rigorously tested.

Of course, it is always best to read the reviews and do your own research, however the overall quality of flexible furniture available from reputable sources is excellent.

A collection of seating that offers flexibility, design and comfort

This is the key to flexible furniture and what it offers to schools and classrooms. It motivates students to learn and take pride in their classroom space.

It gives teachers flexibility in terms of setting and packing up their learning stations and gives them a valuable behaviour management tool , as they can quickly move certain students around the room to best position them for focus and learning.

It allows flexibility for students in that they can take more control and choice over their learning style and physical location in the room.

And let’s be honest…. Who doesn’t prefer a bit more control and flexibility over what they are doing!!

Yes, the curriculum is important, but school principals and teachers are becoming acutely aware of the importance that the physical environment plays in promoting outcomes for students.

I know once you start experiencing the wonderful world of flexible and adaptive furniture items that you will never look back!

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Happy teaching

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