Best Quality 😍 Large Bean Bags for Adults [year]

There is a huge range of products for people to consider when adding a new piece of furniture to enhance the design and style of your living room, lounge room, bedroom or other space at home.

We have a big range of bean bags sizes to choose from these days, so if you are looking for large bean bags for adults and you want the right seating comfort and quality for your living room home furniture, we will explore what makes the best and how you can choose.

learn as we explain the best experiences we have seen

What to look for in a Comfort and design.

When searching for these huge beanbags products and looking for a good one at the best price, how do we know that it is of great quality and we are purchasing the right one, below is some bullet point to take into consideration?

The best large bean bags for adults

  • Quality of the fabric material and stitching.
  • Does it suit your furniture.
  • Does the size and shape fit your room.
  • Beans vs Foam.
  • Variety of colours and designs.
  • How much do they cost.
  • have they got the right comfort.
  • Can 2 adults fit easily
  • Can they be used as a chair
  • Are the bean bags waterproof
  • Are the shapes safe for kids

Lets us answer some questions

Australian made beanbags, now this is not true as Australia does not produce the fabric we import upholstery material from overseas,

apart from that, we can get Australian companies to cut and sew the materials together,

large range of different materials choice available from fur, leather, velvet, linen, faux fur the list can go on.
the quality of your bean bags depends on the material.

How big is a big bean bag? well a small-large bean bag is about 122cm wide x 85cm tall this is great for one person or 2 kids, a giant sack is 240cm wide x 120cm deep x 8ocm height, weighs about 50kg, now there are different large bean bags within this size range.

How to keep them clean. Most are a machine wash for their covers, use on a gentle cycle with warm water.

Are they waterproof, some of the materials are waterproof like leather and vinyl. You can also treat your materials with a waterproof resistance to make them semi-waterproof, another way is to place a waterproof layer under the outer cover, thus allowing the cover to get wet but not the inside foam area, if using outside around pool areas you can opt for a waterproof outer with a skin that is waterproof on the inner.

Stain-proof, A lot like waterproofing choosing the material that suits your environment makes all the difference, we talked about how to wash them and we spoke about placing a sealant over them, all these combined will aid in stain proofing your bag, also ask the retailer.

Can you change the cover designs? some sacks are sewn in with no zips, so unfortunately you cannot change the cover, But those that have zippers like the kloudsac bean bag range can. In these large bean bags you can remove the outer layer you can also change the waterproof middle layer and add more foam for filling. this is great because you can modify them to the changes you desire.

Warranty, look for those who give solid warranty as these may be the best bean bags out there, usually, they give a cover warranty and the foam warranty, check their reviews out as this will help as well.

Shipping and its costs, I love to support our Australian companies as much as we can, but sometimes the freight is a bit high so something to consider, when purchasing if they can vacuum suck the bean bags down it help reduce sizing which helps save cost, depending on your area code in Australia we have found it makes a big difference.

How long do they last

well if you were like me growing up not long as I jumped all over them. But for adults who would look after them and maintain them well there is no reason to have it for a long time, keep them wiped over and maintain a good level of beans or foam and they should be fine for years, keep kids off them.

How long do bean bag chairs last
How long do bean bag chairs last

Avoid doing this to maintain your beanbag

Jumping on the bean bags stretches the stitching and weakens the material, when purchasing the bean bag make sure to get double stitching and reinforcement to help alleviate stretching, 

Another thing to watch for is dragging the bean bag across rough surfaces.

With these large sacks, it will take 2 people to lift them as they are quite heavy be cautious as they can hurt your back as the load is a long way from your body, people sometimes do not understand how big they are.

Dragging your bean bag through the smaller doorway and pulling hard to move them stretches the material and threads so avoid this.

Pets love them as they should just try to avoid them chewing or clawing into the material covers.

Keep and good eye out if you have small children around them as these large beanbags are heavy, to adults we seem to be ok but for infants, it can be dangerous, “never leave your children or young family members around heavy beanbags unattended”

The zippers come with no grip to unzip the zips, in Australia, this is rea regulation safety law to stop children from eating foam or beans and reduce the chance of suffocation.

Don't jump on bean bags
Don’t jump on bean bags

What are the best prices?

In my house, I have replaced my main furniture with large bean bags and I love it, I find that I sit in them more than chairs, I was price hunting and have tried a variety of brands, with your knowledge now that you have learned from the above information and some of my recommendations you should be able to get a bean bag for $450 upwards “this is for a complete set up” I would highly recommend the foam over the beans, 


If you made it this far you are serious about purchasing a quality beanbag, I have found them a perfect item for couples to share a movie or spend time together, My wife and I have spent hours chatting and enjoying our time with each other in front of the tv or playing board games and of coarse charlie our dog “which loses lots of hair”.

I always say “work hard but also relax harder”

Bean Bags give us a relaxed atmosphere where we can sit down with our partners or ourselves and reflect.

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