The Best Essential Oils ❤️[year] for Anxiety and Sleep

In this article I’ll show you the essential oils you absolutely must be using to manage anxiety and lack of sleep, along with ones which can also assist with focus and concentration.

Along with that I’ll show you how to safely use each essential oil and some compounds you can mix to combat anxiety and sleepless nights.

How to calm and sleep with oils

#1. Variety of brands, fragrances and skin care cosmetics for treatment of symptoms

Read on to discover the secrets of:

#1:  – Lavender

– Rose

–  Ylang Ylang

– Clary Sage

–  Bergamot

#2:  Blending essential oils

#3:  Carrier oils for essential oils

Being a parent with anxiety, along with now having my own child diagnosed with anxiety-(read Article on Anxiety), has motivated me to trial and discover new products and strategies to manage anxiety and lack of sleep”.

“Anxiety can be cruel. The lack of sleep, tiredness, stress and fluctuating emotions that may accompany anxiety can have a huge toll on a person’s family, career and social life. It can be debilitating”.

 “For years I was the one who feared leaving the house to go to new places or socialise with groups which included “new” members who I didn’t personally know”.

 “It was me who felt sick, tight in the chest and sweaty when I sat in the lunchroom at work, hoping the boss wouldn’t make me speak to the whole audience”.

 “It was me who changed what I wore four times before I went to a party……. each time racking my brain about how I would look in front of everyone and whether my attire would be suitable amongst all of the group’s judgmental eyes- even though these were the eyes of my friends”.

Now I see the same traits in my own child.

Now it is her that prefers to stay indoors at home because it is her safe space.

The endless nights where she cannot sleep for fear of what the next day at school will bring and all the “new”, unexpected things that might pop up.

That inability to sleep, yet still having the feeling that you are tired and have no energy. That on edge feeling, even when there is seemingly nothing to worry about.

Sometimes I think of what it must be like for those outspoken and confident people, who seem to enjoy being in the limelight. Those with a tongue that have the gift of the gab.

Those individuals who can look refreshed from a great night’s sleep and exude cheerfulness and confidence every day I see them.

Those go-getters who think nothing of preparing for an important job interview or creating a presentation to a group of co-workers.

The constant battle in our household with anxiety and lack of sleep has led me to search long and hard for strategies and products that assist people to cope and thrive amongst the crippling world of anxiety.

oils that help sleep and anxiety
Oils that help sleep and calm anxiety

Aromatherapy oils and scents for anxiety, sleep and headaches

That path of discovery, previously mentioned, led me to the world of essential oils.

But I was overwhelmed, my brain was a mess and I had so many questions………..

  • there were so many essential oils, which ones and what amount or dose of each would I need?
  • which ones are best suited for helping with anxiety?
  • what ways do I apply them?
  • are they something that is safe?
  • is there any research to say that they actually work?
  • would I just be wasting my money?

Well …… if you are considering essential oils as ingredients in managing your anxiety and are confused as to which oils are best for anxiety, sleeping, migraines, headaches, or whatever other specific needs you might have, then read on?

I’ve done the research for you!!

This article will save you a number of hours of searching and trialing products to assist in managing your anxiety.

Aromatic oils and perfumes can achieve the results for your body!

Now, firstly …… before I give you the best 5 oils that get 5 stars and will smash your anxiety out of the park – just a little info on what exactly essential oils are!

Just in case you are worried about the whole idea of using essential oils to combat anxiety……….

Essential oils and aromatherapy books are not new. That’s a fact! They have been around for thousands of years and provide a simple, natural way to treat symptoms of anxiety, stress, insomnia and headaches amongst other things.

Essential Oils Books
Essential Oils Books

The right essential oil can provide an effective addition to an overall anxiety treatment plan.

I have found essential oils to be a great product in reducing the effects of my anxiety and to help me, along with my daughter, get a better night’s sleep.

I would not say for a second that they “cure” anxiety and I would not recommend using them as the only strategy for severe cases of anxiety, however as part of an overall management plan for anxiety I have found them to be extremely successful.

I am not a doctor!

I have no PhD, rather just a degree in teaching (meaning I see anxiety a lot!!) and a lifetime of searching and discovering products and methods to combat anxiety.

I see anxiety everyday………. and have done for most of my entire life of nearly fifty years and I am still discovering new “anxiety busting” products.

So perhaps this makes me not qualified, but more rather experienced.

In this article I have attempted to save people the countless hours you could spend researching the best essential oils for anxiety.

There are so many essential oils out there that are very popular for a range of reasons, but this article will list the oils that have worked best for me in managing stress, anxiety, headaches and lack of sleep.

Read on and I will let you in on the ones that I believe really work!

Pure and simple!

Here we go…….

The 5 best diffuser oils to improve health and symptoms of anxiety

Lavender Essential Oil: 15ml bottle costs $15-$20

Lavender oil is probably the most well-known and popular of the oils and is an essential oil for anxiety. The flower spikes in some lavender species are distilled to make a product that is safe to use on your children, mother or even your grandmother.

It is also a sought-after ingredient in many skincare and cosmetic products and is believed not only to have medicinal uses but is a very common and popular oil for the treatment of anxiety, stress and insomnia.

Every home should have lavender and enjoy the sweet, floral and herbaceous smell of this versatile oil.

It can be put into a diffuser, car diffuser or even diffuser necklace. NOT ingested!

If you want to soothe the mind, achieve relaxation get a great sleep then this is the one!

Try diffusing a “Certified Organic 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil” for 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

This oil is very popular for a reason!

It works!! …….. and the ‘certified organic’ means you get no fillers or additives!

Rose Essential Oil: A bottle of Rose Essential Oil in 3% Jojoba Oil costs about $15-20

Rose oil is extracted from the petals of the rose plant. It has a wide range of potential benefits for the body including pain relief, relief from menstrual discomfort, stimulating sex drive, easing depression and supporting a healthy nervous system.

It is a very popular choice for people experiencing anxiety and stress.

Rose oil gives a fresh, floral, beautiful smell with some of the essential oil blends smelling divine in candles and even cp soap.  Rose Geranium (Cosmetic Blend)

Rose essential oil has a relaxing effect and there are studies to back it up.

There is evidence to show that when rose essential oil has been applied to the skin, participants have been successful in reducing blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate and cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

It has even been shown in a study by us national library of medicine click here to reduce anxiety during childbirth.

Rose oil can be used in a warm bath or applied topically by adding a few drops to your preferred oil carrier.

For aromatic benefits simply add some drops to an aromatherapy diffuser, car diffuser or necklace diffuser.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Costs about $20-$25 for a 15ml bottle that is certified organic

This floral, sweet, with a “sometimes hint of spice flavour” oil is extracted from the Indonesian Cananga tree and is used to promote relaxation, lower blood pressure, kill bacteria and even improve sexual desire.

The Ylang Ylang oils are extracted at different times throughout the distillation process, which results in a variation of compositions and aromas.

– so read your labels carefully before purchasing.

This oil blends really well with other oils to make fantastic “anxiety oil blends”.

The Pure Ylang Ylang Essential Oil gives a floral scent and is not overpowering, making it an ideal oil to be diffused.

When diluted it can be applied directly to the skin as a massage oil or it can be added to baths.

For diffusion add a few drops of oil to your car diffuser, diffuser necklace or aromatherapy diffuser.

Note: Ylang Ylang can be particularly harmful to pets, so it is advised not to use this oil around animals.

Clary Sage Essential Oil: $20-$25 for 15 ml bottle

This oil is derived from the clary sage herb, native to the Mediterranean and parts of Europe.

Clary sage is used in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety, stress and many other conditions especially in women where it is believed to help control cortisol levels.

This essential oil gives off a woody, earthy and herbal scent that improves your mood and promotes the feelings of wellbeing and inner peace.

You can massage clary sage into the skin or inhale when you feel nervous or anxious.

For use on the skin, clary sage can be added to moisturisers, lotions, soaps or creams. Read each label carefully as this oil should be diluted if applying to the skin, particularly the facial area.

Bergamot Essential Oil: $10-$15 for 15ml bottle

Considered beneficial for physical and mental health and wellbeing, this oil is derived from the peel of a bergamot orange fruit.

It is used in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety and stress and is a fantastic, versatile oil which can be used in many blends.

Bergamot is also said to be a great insect repellent and help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Whilst it is a fantastic oil used alone, try combining bergamot with chamomile, basil, lavender, lemon myrtle, or Ylang Ylang to discover your perfect “anxiety” fragrance and to ease tension and keep the home smelling fresh.

5 best essential oils for stress and anxiety
5 best essential oils for stress and anxiety

#2. What is blending perfumes, scents, fragrances and oils?

One of the most enjoying things I have found along the journey of discovering “anxiety reducing” essential oils is the pleasure I have received from creation and experimentation using blends of oils.

We are all individuals and will have our own preferences, so don’t be afraid to try new things and discover the perfect blend or fragrance for you.

It is quite fun to see what you can come up with.

There is no doubt, however that there are some fundamental things to learn when blending oils and trying your own aromatherapy.

Certain oils will blend together better, others may only be suitable for use in diffusers and not applied directly to the skin and some will produce fragrances more suited to certain conditions or needs.

The Introductory Guide to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Book will give you the perfect guide to the magical properties of essential oils and pinpoint which oils may assist your health, home, sleep quality and beauty needs.

This guide will provide you with more than 300 essential oil recipes for common problems such as anxiety, stress, acne, migraines and headaches along with giving you tips and tools to create your own natural and safe remedy for your specific needs.

It is also wise to note that essential oils are a highly concentrated substance so please read all of the safety directions on each product prior to using.

Some of them are toxic to ingest, many dangerous for pets, others suited for adults and not kids, and most will need to be diluted with a carrier oil before being applied directly to the skin – so always read the labels carefully.

#3. What are carrier oils for your body?

Carrier oils, also sometimes referred to as “vegetable” or “fixed” oils, allow the essential oil to be diluted and “carried” to the skin in a safe manner.

They provide an alternative to simply adding the oil to a diffuser.

For example, a carrier oil is often an important part of a massage, providing a way to not only rub and manipulate the body’s muscles but also a method of rubbing the beneficial essential oils into a person’s skin.

Essential oils are the concentrated extracts of plants and are too potent to be applied topically directly to the skin, therefore giving carrier oils an important part to play in the aromatherapy process.

Carrier oils are different in colour and consistency and will penetrate into the skin at different speeds. They can affect the colour, therapeutic benefits and shelf-life of an essential oil.

Without a carrier oil, a person may experience burning, redness or irritation when applying an essential oil directly to the skin.

Which carriers for your treatment or conditions?

When choosing the type of carrier oil you need, this will depend on the result you want.

Carrier oils are usually unscented or very lightly scented so they do not alter the therapeutic benefits of the essential oil. They can be used singularly or with another oil.

There are lots or carrier oils available but some of the most popular and best carrier oils to use include:

  • Fractionated coconut oil – made from the meat of coconuts and high in anti-oxidants, this oil is not the one you buy from the grocery store. It’s a non-greasy, light oil that is ideal for absorption.
  • Jojoba Oil – from the seeds of a jojoba plant this oil is technically a wax and has a slightly nutty aroma. Absorbs easily into the skin and is a good choice for bath oils, massage oils and facial moisturisers.
  • Apricot kernel oil – made from apricot seeds (kernels) this oil is high in fatty acids along with vitamin E and vitamin A. Is an excellent skin moisturiser and popular in lotions, balms, soaps and massage oils.
  • Grape seed oil – A favourite among massage therapists, this oil comes from grape seeds and is left over from the wine making process. It is lightweight, has no scent and easily absorbed, making it popular in body massage oils.
  • Castor oil – rich in antioxidants and one of a few carrier oils that can be used as an emulsifying agent, this is a widely used cosmetic oil that is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling and soothe irritated skin. Also used often in hair care products to reduce dandruff and soften the scalp with many people claiming great results.

Dilution guide for essentials

So how much of a carrier oil do you dilute into an essential oil? What’s the correct dosage that will not put anyone at risk?

To answer this important question, I say again……. Read the labels carefully on each oil as it can vary depending on where and how it is being applied.

However, as a general guide if the essential oil is being used for:

  • Facial application – dilute to 1% or less
  • Massage oils – 2%
  • Leave-on body products – 2%
  • Rinse off bath and body products – 3%

And to achieve your dilution ratio a really simple guide to start with is:

1 drop of essential oil into 1 teaspoon of carrier oil = 1% dilution

2 drops of essential oil into 1 teaspoon of carrier oil = 2% dilution

5 drops of essential oil into 1 teaspoon of carrier oil = 5% dilution

Now that’s not exact, but it’s a quick starting guide if you can’t be bothered working anything out.

So, there you have it!

The 5 quality essential oils that have worked for me in my ongoing quest to successfully manage and live with anxiety, along with my best go-to carrier oils and dilution rates when I wish to venture away from simply using the essential oils in a diffuser.

I wish you all the best in your journey.

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