Guide to Buying Bean Bag Furniture ❤️ for Your Home [year]

Having a guide to buying bean bag furniture products for your home can help you transform your space into a comfy, liveable environment.

Bean bags are top-tier recommendations for homes and are also ideal for classrooms, offices, and other functional areas.

With the ability to add a little bit of fun to any room, they are equally as comfortable as they are versatile.

This guide will explore the different types of bean bag furniture products you can find and their unique uses.

In the end, we’ll help you know what to look for when you start shopping for your next piece of bean bag furniture.

The Guide to Buying Bean Bag Furniture Products for Your Home: Endless Options

The first step to finding the perfect bean bag furniture is knowing what options exist.

From standard chairs to designer cushions, let’s look at the most popular choices.

1. Bean Bag Chairs                             

Bean bag chairs have shot up in popularity thanks to their oversized fluffy comfort.

They’re the perfect solution for adding extra seating in your home without blowing your budget. As an added benefit, they come in many styles and designs.

You can easily find bean bag chairs for gamers, with modern square styles or in the standard round design.

They also come in various sizes, making them an iconic solution for adults and kids alike.

beanbag Chairs
Beanbag Chairs

2. Bean Bag Loungers

If you love the idea of bean bag chairs but are looking for something larger, bean bag loungers are ideal.

They have the same high-quality fill as traditional options but are larger, making them great for sprawling out and relaxing.

You can also expect them to take up a little more floor space than other options.

Loungers are a fantastic addition to playrooms and gaming rooms, allowing multiple friends to sit together.

They can also be a comfortable place for kids to relax after doing their homework or for naps during the day.

Living room Lounger
Living Room Lounger

3. Large Bean Bags

If you have plenty of space in a room and aren’t sure what to do with it, a large bean bag chair is a great option.

It’s a wonderful way to add extra seating while also bringing a more family-friendly feeling to any room.

There are multitudes of giant bean bag styles, and some are so large they can fit two people and a pet at the same time!

Large Jumbo beanbags
Large Jumbo beanbags

4. Fur Bean Bags

One of the best ways to upgrade a standard bean bag chair is to offer a higher quality cover, such as fur.

There’s nothing quite as soft as fur, and it’s a fabulous material to keep you warm and cozy over the winter.

It also adds a luxurious appeal to more formal sitting areas, such as professional offices.

Fur Cover Collection
Fur Cover Collection

5. Indoor Bean Bags

When you’re looking for a bean bag for your home, you’ll want to browse through different indoor styles.

Indoor bean bags are designed never to be exposed to weather, offering more luxurious materials.

You might even find that they are maintenance-friendly, employing removable, machine-washable covers.

6. Outdoor Bean Bags

On the other hand, outdoor bean bags are ideal for families with children and pets.

The quality of outdoor bean bag chairs is often of a higher grade since they are exposed to the elements.

They might also have extra features, such as waterproof liners to protect the fill from getting damp.

Outdoor bean bags have plenty of fantastic uses, whether you put them under your gazebo or create a lounge area on your porch.

They’re also easy to wash, with some being able to be hosed down quickly.

7. Pool Bean Bags

Floating pool bean bags have never been more popular than they are today, offering a simple and luxurious place to rest.

Instead of settling for standard plastic floats, you’ll have a more supportive and cushioned spot in the middle of the pool.

You can use it to relax no matter the time of day, and their waterproof liners are quite easy to maintain.

8. Personalized Bean Bags

If you’ve been searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, personalized bean bags are a top choice.

Personalization can come in many ways, depending on the manufacturer.

You might be able to get their name or initials embroidered, while other companies allow you to choose the size, material, and colour.

Bean Bag Ottomans
Bean Bag Ottomans

9. Cushions and Ottomans

Homeowners who love the idea of bean bag chairs but are working with a tight budget can benefit from cushions and ottomans.

As smaller alternatives to full-size bean bag chairs, they pair well with the existing furniture in your home.

They are great for extra seating, but they can also offer a more homely aesthetic.

10. Bean Bags for Pet Beds

Bean bags are equally as comfortable for pets as they are humans, and they’re easier to keep clean than pet beds.

The cushioning adapts to the unique contours of your pet’s body, keeping them comfortable yet supported.

Also, these beds are relatively indestructible, keeping the fill inside the cover.

Dog Bean Bags
Dog Bean Bags

What Makes Bean Bags Great Furniture for the Home?

With an idea of the types of bean bags you can get for your home, school, or office, you might wonder about their benefits.

Aside from looking great and being comfortable, bean bags have several exquisite benefits.

Let’s dive into why more people are adding them to their spaces.

Style and Comfort in Every Space

Bean bag chairs are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can add to your home, which is a unique benefit.

They come in various styles, making them easy to fit into designer showrooms and child playrooms alike.

With an incredible number of materials, from knit cotton to polyester, you can match the style to any room in your home.

Available in All Shapes and Sizes

Another fantastic advantage to bean bag furniture is that it comes in an assortment of shapes and sizes.

You can find traditional bean bag chairs, but there are also couches, lounge chairs, pool chairs, pet beds, and more.

Even when compared to the traditional furniture in your home, you’ll find bean bags are a far more flexible option.

It’s easy to find small bean bags for young children, oversized options for big and tall adults, and pet-friendly sizes for support and comfort.

Their many shapes and sizes also make them great for fitting into any extra spaces around the house.

Variety of Bean Bag Seating Options
Variety of Bean Bag Seating Options

Spectacular Colour Ranges for Every Room

When picking furniture for your home, all of your pieces should work together to create a cohesive colour palette.

Bean bags are available in numerous colours and various materials, making them easily adaptable to your existing furniture.

You can find different shades of white, blue, red, and any other colour of the rainbow.

Interestingly, bean bags are also available in an impressive number of prints and patterns.

If you’re looking for something over-the-top, opt for a tie-dye fabric. More subdued options could include pastel watercolour prints.

Portable Alternatives to Heavy Furniture

There’s nothing worse than moving heavy furniture on your own, especially without help.

Bean bags are lightweight alternatives to standard furniture, helping you save time and back pain.

You can quickly pick up chairs from one room and move them to another without breaking a sweat, making them ideal for kids.

The Wondrous Uses That Make Bean Bags Perfect for Adults and Kids

At first glance, you might assume that bean bags are made only for children. Uniquely, they offer several benefits for adults as well.

Designer-Quality Alternative Furniture

Finding alternative furniture for homes is an exciting venture that can breathe a little bit of life into any space.

Once you delve into the world of designer-quality bean bags, you’ll find many options for high-fashion furniture.

Not only do designer-friendly pieces come in unique styles but also expensive materials and finishes to set a lasting impression.

Perfect for Kid-Friendly Gaming Rooms and Bedrooms

If your kids spend a lot of time playing with their friends in their rooms, it’s time to invest in bean bag furniture.

The lightweight and portable styles are perfect for kids to set up their own play spaces.

Also, it offers plenty of supportive seating for small bodies, whether they’re gaming, doing homework, or just hanging out.

Calming Sensory Effects for Children with Anxiety and Autism

Sensory toys for children with anxiety and autism are a fabulous way to prevent overstimulation.

What makes bean bags a practical option is their fill, which is often tiny beads/beans or foam.

When your child sits on the bag, they’ll immediately experience a soothing sensation for their senses.

As an added benefit, you have complete control over the type of cover you choose for the furniture.

You can select a soft and soothing material that contributes to the sensory experience.

Also, with interchangeable covers (as we explore later on), your child can choose which cover suits their needs the best.

Outdoor Fun for Camping, Boats, and Pools

Portable furniture for outdoor excursions is essential for every family.

Bean bag chairs are incredible for camping, as they are easy to pack and don’t take up too much space.

Outdoor or pool bean bags are a fantastic option for boats, offering extra seating for travelling on calm waters.

Comfortable Lounging for Dogs and Cats

Our pets deserve just as much comfort as we do throughout the day!

When it comes to relaxing, your pets are sure to appreciate the supportive nature of bean bag pet beds.

It offers added support for their joints. It also adapts to their preferred position, tailoring its shape to their preferences.

Easy Furniture for Offices and Schools

Instead of investing in tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of furniture for your school or office, why not go for bean bags?

Bean bag furniture is easy to use, easy to move, and exceptionally easy to clean.

Not to mention, it’s a refreshing change from the standard furniture your students are generally used to.

What To Consider When Buying Bean Bag Products for Home, School, or Office

Once you’ve decided to add bean bag products to your home, school, or office, there are some essential things to consider.

Let’s go over some tips to help you get the most out of your new bean bags.

Quality, Design, and Materials

When you start shopping, three of the most important things to look out for are design, quality, and materials.

A low-quality bean bag chair is likely to split at the seams, causing the fill to spill.

You’ll also find those with a bad design are likely to go flat over time, limiting their usefulness.

Ideally, you’ll want to find high-quality bean bags that offer support over years of regular use.

You’ll also want to choose easy-to-wash materials to keep the furniture in its best condition.

By taking these things into account, you can find the perfect piece for posture support.

Size for Individuals and Spaces

Choosing a bean bag chair is much like selecting a bed; you want a piece that fits in a specific room for a particular person.

With the numerous sizes available on the market, it’s easy to find bean bags to accommodate various body sizes.

Most often, bean bag manufacturers recommend a size based on the user’s weight.

For example, most adults will appreciate an XL or XXL bean bag, while children can benefit from S through L bean bags.

That said, always remember that the larger the furniture, the more space it will take up.

Matching the Room’s Decor

As we discussed earlier, finding a bean bag that fits into your home’s colour palette is a sure-fire way to create an inviting space.

If you’re opting for a designer-friendly style, you’ll want it to be the room’s focal point.

Choosing bold colours and prints can be an excellent decision to add a punch to any room.

On the other hand, a neutral palette is ideal if you want your bean bag to blend in with its surroundings.

Try to stay within beige, grey, or brown tones to make a soft and neutral impression.

Suitable Pricing for Budgets

Surprisingly, bean bag chairs can be on the pricier end of comfortable furniture. Plus, the larger the chair, the more it’ll cost.

However, top-tier chairs also last significantly longer and offer better features.

For example, luxury bean bags often have higher-end materials like fur, added posture support, and ergonomic designs.

Warranties for Peace of Mind

As with any piece of furniture, you must protect your investment with a warranty.

On average, you’ll want a two- to three-year warranty coverage.

These warranties cover you the most against manufacturer’s defects and other significant issues you might experience at first.

Sensory-Friendly Covers

Sensory-friendly covers are something every family should consider when investing in bean bags.

You can find an assortment of styles for children with anxiety, autism, and other sensory needs.

Materials such as fur, soft cotton, and brushed suede can often be preferred.

Foam or Bean Filling

When buying a bean bag chair, the filling is equally as important as the cover you select.

Typically, your two options will be foam or beans, and your family members may prefer one over the other.

Foam is often the more versatile choice, conforming to the specific shape of the person sitting and then expanding when not in use.

On the other hand, some prefer beans because they offer plenty of posture support and are incredibly lightweight.

Bean filling is also less expensive and easier to replace as needed. Fill is also significant for sensory issues, as some packing (like beans) could be too loud.

Waterproof Liners

If you’ve ever had to clean furniture due to your kids spilling juice and snacks, you’ll know the importance of waterproof liners.

Make sure any bean bag chair you buy has an interior waterproof liner to protect the fill.

With this feature, you won’t have to replace the beans or foam if a drink accidentally tips over.

Caring for Your Bean Bag

Caring for your bean bag is another essential part of owning one, especially as they’re an investment that needs protecting.

For easy maintenance, it’s always recommended you invest in a waterproof liner.

These liners protect the fill while also allowing you to remove the cover or wipe it down for spot treating as necessary.

If you have bean bag pet beds, always ensure you regularly vacuum the exterior material to collect dirt and grime.

It would also help if you set up a regular washing schedule to keep the cover in its best condition.

Getting a Bean Bag with NDIS Funding

Did you know that if you’re an NDIS recipient, you can potentially purchase bean bag furniture using NDIS funding?

However, the furniture’s uses must align with your specific NDIS-related goals for your children with anxiety or autism-based issues.

To qualify, you must use an online store registered with the NDIS. The registration information is typically located in the “About Us” section.

You’ll receive a quote before purchasing, which can then be sent to your NDIS plan manager.

They will then approve or deny the purchase, helping you bring a bean bag home without using personal funds.

Final Thoughts

With a guide to buying bean bag furniture products for your home, you can upgrade the look and feel of any room.

Not only are they fabulously stylish, but they’re also ideal for children with sensory issues, such as those with anxiety or autism.

The versatility, functionality, and designer-friendly elements of bean bag furniture make them timeless.

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