Best ✅ Sensory Compression Clothing For Autism [2024]

Sensory compression clothing is calming clothing that exerts gentle pressure onto the wearer. It is designed to suit people, both adults and children, with conditions such as autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, anxiety, ADHD and other specific sensory needs.

The pressure one gets from wearing these sensory garments, gives the user a form of deep pressure touch therapy (DPTT) often prescribed by Occupational Therapists to calm, prevent meltdowns, de-sensitise and de-stress individuals with sensory needs.

The feeling a person’s sensory system gets from wearing sensory compression clothing is similar to gentle hugs, holds, squeezes and swaddles.

Why adults and children choose compression clothing products

Many sensory undergarments are sought after by men, women and children who dislike the feel of certain fabrics or materials on their skin and this type of clothing gives them some discreet protection from this as most sensory clothing is able to be worn under normal items.

There are many reasons why individuals enjoy wearing sensory compression clothing.

Clothing product range that is calming and therapeutic

Compression clothing is increasingly being advised by Occupational Therapists and other professionals for the treatment of many conditions and symptoms.

Many individuals choose compression garments as the pressure exerted onto the body can help to calm their nerves and reduce anxiety in stressful situations.

Children may feel more comforted at school when they can wear compression singlets or shirts which fit discreetly under their school uniform and give them proprioceptive feedback and calming pressure without anyone else knowing.

This can also help them to increase attention and improve their learning. Adults in the office may enjoy the input from a range of sensory shirts, singlets, vests, shorts and underwear.

Pressure fabric that protects the skin and reduces anxiety.

Many children and adults do not like the feel of certain pieces of clothing.

This can restrict what an individual with autism or sensory needs may be able to wear.

Sensory clothes such as singlets, vests, underwear and socks allow the users to choose any garment they like.

People now need not choose a top, dress, vest, shirt or shorts because they are annoyed by the fabric.

The calmwear clothing can be used as a protective shield allowing the person to “wear what looks good” and not have their choices dictated by the material that each item is made from.

This is particularly good for a family out there who find it difficult to get their child to wear school uniforms because the child does not like the “feel” of the material or the logo pushes onto their skin from inside the shirt.

Sensory singlets and shirts are very popular for this reason, in that they can be worn discreetly under a school top, and it will not violate the school’s uniform policy as it is unseen.

Clothing with no annoying seams

The awesome thing about sensory compression clothing is that it either has seams on the outside of the garment so users do not feel them, or they simply do not exist.

 Most items will have seams on the outside. If you are choosing a piece of clothing, then avoid seams.

This is one of the most popular reasons people choose this type of clothing.

Adults and children’s compression clothing

Sensory compression clothing is discreet

One of the great things about sensory clothing is that it is easily worn under other garments.

Sensory socks can be worn under normal school socks, singlets can be worn under school shirts and easily avoid the eyes of their prying peers; and sensory underwear easily hides itself where underwear usually does.

Big range and quality of clothing is high

The range of clothing available now is ever increasing and the quality available is fantastic.

 If you explore the online world, you will find Australian manufacturers and designers who are now putting out extensive ranges of shorts, singlets, shirts, vests and underwear that is available in many colours and will last the distance.

 It is not always cheap, but in the sensory clothing space you seem to get what you pay for. Therefore, be warned…. avoid the cheap, overseas product and go straight for the Aussie made, quality gear!

Clothing available under NDIS funding

Depending on your NDIS plan and what your goals are, many items of clothing may in fact be purchased under NDIS funding.

 If you receive funding from the NDIS then talk to your plan manager about this.

If you are someone who requires specific items to allow you to achieve your goals and clothing is an important part of reaching these goals, then you might be pleasantly surprised.

Many people need to avoid anxiety, panic or stress which aids in achieving their goals and reaching their full potential.

Having the correct clothing to do this might be an important part of getting to where you want to be!

What is Sensory Compression Clothing For Autism?

  • Adults and children clothing with compression.
  • The fabric material is designed for pressure.
  • Compression clothing is made for sensory processing disorder.
  • Helps kids with autism, adhd, anxiety.
  • Occupational therapists approve sensory clothing
  • Compression garments clothes singlets, socks, vests, shorts, long and short sleeve shirts
  • Autism clothing is made for comfort
What is sensory compression clothing for autism

What types of sensory compression clothing is available and how much does it cost?

Below is a quick guide to the cost of common sensory compression clothing items.

No costing is given for cheap, imitative items as it is not worth the hassle, disappointment and frustration of purchasing these.

When choosing, opt for good quality, breathable, moisture wicking items that will provide compression and also assist in keeping you cool throughout the day.

The range of clothing on the market is increasing every year.

People can now choose from a big selection of quality compression garments including sensory singlets, vests, shirts, shorts, leggings, socks, towels and an assortment of other items.

Compression singlets

Available in many different colours such as black, white and blue, these undergarments are ideal for wearing underneath a shirt to protect the wearer from those nasty fabrics which scratch away at the skin.

 Top quality items will not restrict movement and will help keep you cool. For these expect to pay around $40 – $50 for the premium pieces.

compression singlets

Compression bodysuits

These are able to be purchased in sleeve or sleeveless options and are great at allowing children to wear their favourite clothing without the feeling of that particular clothing on their skin.

Provides a calming, gentle pressure which can be worn all day.

There are choices that have studded systems in the crotch area that allow for quick changing of nappies and are ideal for kids of varying ages who may not be toilet trained.

These will amount to $60-$70 for good quality items.

compression bodysuits
compression bodysuits

Sensory leggings

These leggings are great products for people who like to squirm or wriggle around and need some assistance to calm and exhibit some self-control.

 If you suffer from restlessness, then these may be a good choice.

They can be hidden under school trousers, jeans, or long trousers to give users some gentle pressure and proprioceptive feedback from the muscles in the legs. Costs are approximately $60.

compression leggings
compression leggings

Compression shorts

These are underwear garments for boys sensory clothing, girls sensory clothing and adults which are worn under normal shorts.

Go for good quality ones that are breathable and moisture wicking so will keep the wearer cool and dry all throughout the day.

Premium items are available that have no internal stitching, tags or centre seam, allowing the wearer to experience the ultimate in comfort. For these expect to pay around $50.

compression shorts
compression shorts

Choosing the right sensory clothing

When selecting the ideal compression garment to fill your wardrobe and have you living life destressed, calm and content, consider not only your own sensory needs or preferences, but also these factors:

Clothing with external seams

Always check if there are external seams or no seams and avoid buying pieces with tags.

These are the most common things that will annoy many autistic individuals and others with sensory issues. Sensory seamless underwear items are available without centre seams which is ideal.

Ensure correct sizing

When choosing your perfect fit be sure to check the sizing chart on websites.

Many online stores will not accept returns, especially with underwear items and the stores that do accept returns will often require you to pay for the return postage.

So, it pays to get the right product the first time!

If you or your child are in the middle of two different sizes, then it is usually best to go for the smaller size to ensure you get a nice, firm and pressured fit.

 If in doubt or you need more information, then contact the seller via email or phone and fire away with your questions as it is best to be sure from the beginning.

And customer service with online stores is very good as they are fighting hard for your business these days!

size chart
size chart

Where to buy your sensory friendly clothing?

The best way to buy this pressure sensory type of apparel is to search online for quality, Australian brands.

 It is not worth the effort of visiting physical stores which often will not have what you are looking for. This will only cost you time, effort and stress.

A simple google search for “sensory compression clothing Australia” will unearth many quality, local options.

A good online shop will offer shipping Australia wide, along with easy payment via PayPal or credit card and many will give discount codes of 10%- 15% to apply on checkout if you agree to be part of their mailing list.

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