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"Linking the right products to the right people, ensuring you are getting the support you need!"

Jace Dean

"Been purchasing sensory product from otwarehouse for both my school and my home, great spot to find different stuff and found the quality amazing.

Lisa Leary

"thanks I forward your post onto my teacher and she implements your ideas in the classroom. The sensory spaces seem to be a very big success"

Luca McNally

"great resource for looking at quality products and found the guides so helpful, Thanks "

Ensure your school provides for all

Be an inclusive school! Get the products to be a leader in providing opportunities for all learners.
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How to calm anxiety in kids

After years of watching children in classrooms and seeing my own children grow up, what I experienced in the behavior that help us....

Help manage emotions with Fidget toy 

When these needs aren't met, behaviors also can get out of control. Sensory-friendly fidgeting items s help young people maintain behaviors because it supports self-regulation.  
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